Meet Emily

After years of designing and renovating homes alongside some of the best in the industry, Emily Pueringer Design Studio was founded with a mission of bringing a whole new aesthetic to the world of interior design. Located in Minneapolis and the idyllic Marine on St. Croix, the studio happily serves clients across the region as well as nationally (both in-person and via virtual visits).

From the Beginning...

Emily has always been inspired by contrasting elements. Whether it’s a modern design aesthetic enriched by colorful elements, or a classic setting flooded with eclectic art, these are Emily’s calling cards. The art-lover finds the beauty in everything from industrial to natural elements and works to find the perfect balance of it all that speaks directly to her client’s taste.

A Lifelong Passion

Emily started her design career long before she ever began training with the masters. Building elaborate forts and rearranging furniture in her parent’s custom-built homes as a child, a love for design and architecture was instilled early. Living in Costa Rica for a few of those years led to a life-long love affair with bold and rich colors. She always knew she’d someday find herself happily reconstructing rooms for others – creating the perfect breakfast nook to ensure a family would linger over brunch just a bit longer; or finding just the right placement for a bay window to maximize the view; or laying out tile in new and noteworthy designs that refuse to be ignored.

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